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Feds Indict Sanctuary City Judge for Helping Illegal Immigrant Escape Arrest


Liberals want nothing to do with anything that represents America and it’s laws.

Even their liberal judges represent the new Democratic Party!

The federal government is charging a Massachusetts judge and a courtroom officer with obstruction of justice after the pair allegedly helped a twice-deported illegal alien escape out the back door while an immigration enforcement officer was kept outside the front door.

District Court Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph and Trial Court Officer Wesley MacGregor face severe penalties: “charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of a federal proceeding – aiding and abetting provide for sentences of no greater than 20 and five years in prison, respectively; five and three years of supervised release, respectively; and a fine of $250,000,” said a press statement from the Department of Justice.

The arrest is a hard-nosed move by President Donald Trump against sanctuary cities and states. These anti-enforcement jurisdictions are proliferating as progressives and business interests ally to protect their supply of cheap labor, which helps to minimize wage increases in Trump’s Hire American economy.

Now we should indict governors (California’s to start with), mayors, and any other public officials who are aiding and abetting illegal aliens!

The globalist elites among us think they are above the law,
and above the little people, they wish to rule.

And this attitude is entrenched in our legal system, our political
system and our education system.

It will take determined effort over time to root this out.
But if we do not, we will leave the result to our children.

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    and lots of people will die
    we patriots cannot let this happen
    pray pray pray

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