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Video: Two Armed Men Attempted A Robbery In Philly – They Didn’t Know That There Is A Legally Armed Clerk And A Dog Named Bullet In The Store

A dog named Bullet helped save the lives of a clerk and a store manager in Philadelphia on Tuesday by engaging two armed suspects, the manager said.

The incident took place just before 4:00 a.m. at the Big A corner store in the 5500 block of Torresdale Avenue in the Wissinoming neighborhood, according to KYW.

“Two people come with a big gun and small gun, they come in straight up and put the gun to the girl’s head and my head and said like don’t move,” said store manager Sammy Aloubehi.

The store manager also told local media that Bullet was the reason he and his 32-year old-clerk are still alive.

The video shows the two robbers entering the business and pulling out their guns. When one of the suspects aims a gun at the store clerk, the dog leaps on him.

The clerk then pulls out a gun and fires at the would-be robbers. After that, the two suspects fled the business while firing at the employee.
Video below:

One suspect is seen in video running away before the second suspect shot at the clerk several times. She was hit four times and is now being treated at the hospital. Aloubehi says she’s doing fine.

The store manager revealed the bullet holes left behind from the shootout:

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday morning, the outlet reported.

Police said one of the suspects left their weapon at the scene, KYW reported. The gun the clerk used was also recovered by officers, but according to local reports the store clerk had a permit to use that gun.

An estimated seven shots rang out in total, according to WCAU.