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Video: Woke School Forced A Young Girl To Sit In A Cold Vestibule For Hours Without Access To Food Or Water Because She Didn’t Wear A Mask – Her Father Comes And Face The Principal

More than a dozen county officials across New York, including in Saratoga County, have said they will not enforce an indoor mask mandate that went into effect last month after some county executives said they were told by Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration to avoid diverting resources to crack down on violations of the order.

But it seems that some woke schools decided to go hard on students that don’t want to wear masks!

They used some soviet style education!

At Colonie Central High School, a student was allegedly asked to leave school Tuesday because she wouldn’t wear a mask. A video taken by the student’s father shows a high school administrator explaining in a vestibule outside the school doors that masks are required and that “we are doing the best we can to enforce school policy for the safety of students.”

“It’s illegal,” the father said to the administrator, saying he was recording on his phone to collect “video evidence.” He then requested the administrator call the police on himself and his daughter for not obeying the mandate.

“You will be held personally liable for this,” the parent says to the administrator, with the administrator replying, “I don’t appreciate the threat.”

The father filmed picking up his daughter who was made to sit in the cold vestibule since 9 am. And when she had to use the bathroom was made to walk outside, around the building to another entrance. All b/c she wouldn’t wear a mask today. Offered No food. No water. No one checked on her

Videos below:

The father also confronted the principal but many people online thnk that he should have made a different approach!

Video below:

“At the conclusion of the investigation it was determined we were unable to substantiate allegations as they were portrayed on social media,” police said in a statement, when discussing the allegations concerning the school staff member. As for the call to the school, police said: Although the call “served no true purpose” and was questionable in content, it “did not rise to a criminal level,” police said.

The district released a statement that read, in part, that the district strives “to create a school environment where all of our students, staff, and visitors continue to feel safe and welcome in our schools. We ask that our staff, parents, and students continue to be patient and work with us as these legal issues are resolved at the state.”

The confusion and distress over the mask mandate came late Monday after a state Supreme Court justice in Nassau County ruled that requiring masks is unconstitutional in New York. However, a state appellate judge ruled Tuesday that the mandate will remain until the decision moves through an appeal. At the same time, state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa noted in a statement that until the appellate court decides, “the mask mandate remains in effect for schools across the state.”

The video of the incident was tweeted out by congressional candidate Liz Joy, who alleged the student “was forced to sit in the cold outer school vestibule all day! She was kept away from other students, no one checked on her, or offered her food/water. All b/c today she wouldn’t wear her mask! This is unacceptable & illegal!”

The back-and-forth over New York’s indoor mask-wearing mandate caused tumult in some local schools this week.

In one incident Tuesday, the Facebook page Moving Saratoga Forward, which frequently wades into school issues such as banning critical race theory, berated a Caroline Street Elementary School teacher for giving a maskless child a mask.

The post made an unsubstantiated claim that said the teacher was “dragging any student that walks in without a mask to the office, making them cry.”

Among the more than 300 comments on the post were incendiary statements suggesting the teacher needs a “mental health evaluation,” that “our children are being led by sick-minded people, commies,” and that the teacher committed “criminal child abuse.”

Later that day, the Saratoga Springs elementary school received a “questionable” phone call that city police said was in direct response to the social media posts. Police surmised that the caller had no direct ties to the school.