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Watch: Welfare Queens Get in Brawl at Food Stamp Office in St. Louis! (Video)


A brawl broke out at a welfare office in St. Louis when two women got into an argument.

While the brawl was going on, another women attacked a man wearing a hat. He seemed to be there with one of the women in the fight.

Bystanders watch and do nothing to intervene. Some of the bystanders record the incident with their mobile phones.

Children were on the scene witnessing the incident.

It was reported that one of the women was going to grab a pair of scissors right before the security guards stepped in to stop the fight.

Neither state nor local authorities knew about the incident until Fox 2 news alerted them.

Do you think these women deserve taxpayer handouts with this sort of behavior?

Watch the video:

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  1. That right there, tells you the welfare system doesn’t work. Why are they at the office in the first place? To try to get more money? First thing that needs to happen, drug testing to include smoking and alchol, if any is present, loose your benefits, next, benefits, should not be for a lifetime, like everything else we should responsible for our own actions, including supporting ourselves and the amount of children we have! Child benefits, on size fits all whether you have 1 or 10 payment is the same, just like the military did in 1970 found it reduces the amount of dependence. So exactly when do you feel you need to be responsible for yourself? Not only do you draw welfare others end up paying taxes for your kids to get and education, food, morning, noon night, weekends. Then it goes into your senior years and didn’t contribute to that either, but feel you deserve something There should be a limit on time and amount you can draw on welfare! Hard, yes but we, that got jobs, were financially responsible are getting taxed. I am sympathetic to a point but responsibilities lies on all of us, not some and it has to change!

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