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Terrorist Attack? “No Indication Whatsoever” Of Explosives Used In Fiery Car Wreck On Niagara Bridge, The MSM Reports – New Video And Eye Witness Report Shows Something Else

A deadly explosion near the New York-Canadian border after a car went airborne has been referred to Niagara Falls police as a traffic investigation after no explosives or connection to terrorism were found, the FBI said Wednesday night.

Two people in the car were killed in the fiery incident on the Rainbow Bridge, which leads into and out of Canada at Niagara Falls, that occurred minutes before 11:30 a.m., officials said.

It happened on one of the busiest travel days in the U.S. as people across the country hit the road for Thanksgiving, and as there was a heightened awareness due to the holiday.

The mainstream media had similar report even before the FBI decided to release a statement!

“No indication whatsoever” of explosives used in fiery car wreck on Niagara bridge, MSNBC reported as well as every other mainstream media outlet except for Fox News.

New video shows the car going airborne at high speeds before crash:

Here’s an eyewitness that also reports something different than the mainstream media and the FBI reported:

Fox News had reported earlier that it was “an attempted terrorist attack and then walked back the comments!

Alexis McAdams — a correspondent for the conservative network — referred to “high-level police sources” who she said linked terrorism to the crash at the Rainbow Bridge crossing and told her that they believe the two peopletraveling in the car packed it “full of explosives,” Mediaite reported.

The report led to talk on terrorismfrom on-air personalities such as anchor John Roberts, who said it’s unclear “how long the people who perpetrated this attack have been in” the U.S. during an interview with 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy.

McAdams, later in the day, again named “high-level police sources” saying that “bomb techs immediately alerted all authorities that it was an attempted terror attack because they never saw debris field like that.”

“Now walking that back,” added McAdams, who also referred to officials being “not exactly sure” what was in the car as there was “really nothing left” of it.

Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz, in a later report where he declared that “people didn’t know if it was a terrorist attack,” questioned whether the incident was linked to the Biden administration’s border policies.

I’m not one to trust MSNBC or Aaron Rupar, but I also don’t want to get the details wrong. Stay tuned for more info, depending on what the FBI wants us to know.