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Watch: Conservative Journalist Ejected From Bernie Sanders Rally for No Reason

Don’t kid yourself, after eight years of Barack Obama, America was terrifying really close to becoming an authoritarian state #SpyingDidOccur. If Hillary Clinton has won the job would’ve been complete.

Donald Trump saved America from Authoritarianism of the Globalist Elite.

Today we had another proof that if someone is not thinking like the Dems will be treated as the enemy of the state!

Infowars correspondent Kaitlin Bennett attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Lordstown, Ohio earlier this afternoon to hear what the presidential candidate had to say. Bennett was there to cover the event and interview rally goers afterward.

The event was free and open to the public and held at a public high school. Bennett’s first amendment rights were swiftly infringed upon, however, after an organizer approached Bennett in the crowd to inform her that she had to leave.

She tweeted earlier today:
I am a conservative journalist and was just ejected from a @BernieSanders rally for expressing my 1st amendment. I was just sitting there and was told I had to leave, with no reason given except that his campaign didn’t want me there. This is actual fascism.

She also Tweeted:
The police officer agreed with me that I did nothing wrong, but booted me anyway. On my way out, the private security officer told me he supports me but has to do his job. Thank you @BernieSanders for exposing how intolerant the left really is towards dissenting opinions.

Watch the full video below:
Typical liberals they want to silence all who do not fall in line like sheep.. if you disagree with liberals and will try and destroy

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